The Little Bag Book

Chapter 1: It’s not a bag, it’s a Birkin


 Introduced: 1984


 Seen on: Jane BirkinVictoria Beckham, Samantha Jones




Jane Birkin is in a plane next to the president of Hermes jeans louis Dumas. Young mom, her tells him her diverse concern of which a main thing: she does not find a handbag at the same time elegant and practical.

Amused and smelling a real opportunity he challenges her: could she draw this ideal bag she is dreaming about? If she makes it, he will creates it for her.

She begins to draw it in the plane, then they decide to meet afterwards create the bag together. This is the way the birkin was born One of the only bags named after a celebrity which really created it she even, contrary for example to Kelly which bears the name of the princess because we saw her carrying it following the example of Lady de Dior carried by Lady Di…

The birkin went out on 1984, and it knows a success which does not fall again since.

Birkin arises from an authentic and unique craft. It is completely made by hand and requires about 25 hours of meticulous work. The bag is declined in several colors and several high-quality materials: crocodile leather or even ostrich.

Available in several sizes, going from 25 to 55 centimeters, Birkin is very functional and suits perfectly to the active and elegant women.It is large but classy and its handles allow to carry it by hand, in the wrist or on the elbow.  It remains an inescapable bag today. Real object of exception, it is only available on order and it is sometimes necessary to wait several months, even several years, to obtain one .

The Birkin has became a fashion Icon and it appears in different TV Series such as Sex and the City or Gilmore Girl :

Things that we don’t do in the name of art!  Francesca Eastwood ( daughter of the actor and director Clint Eastwood) with the help of the fiancé Tyler Shields which has played the photographer in this “art moment” burned her Birkin few month ago this created a huge polemic online.


How you wear it :





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